Calligraphy Cut

Kiwano Beauty Lounge is one of the select few salons offering the exclusive Calligraphy Cut.

Regarded by experts as the most precise haircut in the world, the Calligraphy Cut allows for limitless styling possibilities. Despite its reputation as the pinnacle of precision, the Calligraphy Cut remains a relatively undiscovered gem in the Swiss beauty scene.
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Our specially trained Hair Stylists employ a precise cutting technique at a consistent 21-degree angle. This unique cutting instrument imparts a deliberate movement impulse to each strand of hair, even allowing individual hairs to follow their own direction. Say goodbye to frayed ends. Your hair will fall naturally and gracefully, retaining its airy allure.
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By beveling the hair like a diamond, it can reflect more light at the tips, intensifying its shine.

Fraying is a thing of the past. Your hair falls naturally and airy.

An added benefit: the cut acts as a seal for the tips, making your hair less susceptible to split ends.

The Calligraphy Cut also lasts longer than a traditional haircut, is exceptionally easy to maintain, and fulfills the dream of long hair, as the cut tips are less prone to splitting. The hairstyle grows with the new haircut. Longer hair means longer enjoyment of your new style.

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